hi everyone! sending you all my well wishes, love + gratitude. with your endless support + cheering on, i'm excited to announce...


we're located at 253 warren street in hudson, and will be open 12-6pm.

our grand opening party is thursday, august 10th from 6-8pm. 

please come celebrate this big deal with me! 

and in general, the shop is open every day but tuesday from 12-6pm. 

i can't wait for you to stop in and see what's happening in there! my medicine making production is all set up, the cozy sitting zones are in place and the shelves are filled with things like locally made organic raw apple cider vinegar, seaweeds, incenses, flower essence remedies, good fight remedies, bulk dried herbs, tarot cards and way more! soon we'll have workshops + events coming, too. 

couldn't have done this without your help and wouldn't have wanted to! 

this herb shop + community space is for all of us. XO.

help open Good Fight Herb Shop!

y'all, this month sure has been wild! in the height of my busy growing season, i was given the incredible opportunity to open an herb shop + community space in Hudson, NY, where i've been for the past 7 years. a literal dream come true! to think of all the good that can come from a community space like this, one that centers and uplifts health and healing, community wellness, social justice and self care empowerment. please help me bring this life by considering donating to my fundraiser, and helping to spread the word online. read all the details here, and please come visit me at the shop next month! XO.

#goodfightherbshop  //  253 Warren St., Hudson, NY  // opening August 2017

introducing : wild gather

To our friends, allies, herbalists and greater community,


Hello and happy Spring!

Three friends and I have been meeting and working to envision a foundational herbal studies program informed by and highlighting the diverse bioregions of the Hudson Valley. This June, through our collaborative project - Wild Gather: Hudson Valley School for Herbal Studies - we will introduce Seeds of Herbalism, our first-level offering. Please take a look!

This 40-hour course will provide students with a grounding in herbal medicine studies by developing the skills to work with plants for their own self-care and their community. From botany and medicine making to wild food gathering and plant cultivation, we hope to nurture in our students the capacity to connect with the spirit and personality of plants in the wild and in the garden. We will also explore the political implications of self-care, self-sufficiency and Health Justice as a foundational part of this program.

Class will meet one weekend a month from June to September 2016. Classes will take place in a variety of settings in the Hudson Valley – in personal and production herb gardens, kitchens, homes and in the woods. 

Please visit our website to learn more about the program and to register. Be in touch if you have questions, and please share this with anyone who might be interested!

Hope to see you in the classroom!


a mediocre life

i saw this article posted by a friend on Facebook and IT NAILS IT.

she's said it all.

all the words i'm feeling.

all the thoughts and hopes and intentions and fears inside me.

all i want to allow myself.


cheers to a beautiful, mediocre life!