Essential Oils for Autumn Blues by Masha Schmidt, L.AC.

My dear friend, Masha Schmidt, is an incredible acupuncturist, healer, magical medicine maker and all around gift to my world. I love her writing and feel it's important to share her messages. 

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The element of Metal corresponds to Autumn, and the associated emotion is grief or sorrow.   Fall is a natural time for reflection of things passing away, especially in quiet moments at dusk. 

Many cultures honor their ancestors at this time, with rituals like Halloween, Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day. Reflection, sadness, and longing are healthy and expected at this time of year.

Sometimes we linger too long at the gates of grief.  Wistful moments turn into longer periods of melancholy and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) becomes a struggle for so many. The natural loss of daylight mirrors our own unresolved emotions. Metal is cold and constricting.  It can feel like a wound too deep to heal.

By accepting the downward energy of the season, we can transform loss and become comfortable with the shadows.  Essential oils offer an accessible and powerful tool in learning to balance sadness. Acting almost instantly on the the emotions, oils can be part of your self care ritual at home or throughout the day.  

Cypress is an amazing oil with a fresh woodsy odor. Revered as a funeral herb, cypress is no stranger to the grief process. It helps us transform sorrow by letting go of what is no longer useful or fulfilling - the very essence of the season. 

Clary Sage, with her warm and bittersweet notes, is a milder and safer cousin of Sage. Clary lifts the spirt, smoothes the Qi, and promotes vitality when we are feeling depleted. The clarifying action of this oil reminds us of our deep strength and helps to see beyond the temporary.

Eucalyptus oil, a favorite for soothing colds and flus, helps to 'open the chest' when we feel constricted. Pungent and almost overpowering, eucalyptus uplifts the spirt and helps us take a deep breath when we feel defeated.

Pine's strong and fresh scent is excellent for purging negativity.  It is a popular addition to cleaning products for good reason! The scent is exhilarating and clears the mind.  Pine also provides us with a layer of protection against unwanted influences.

Another strong medicinal oil is Tea Tree - which acts to support the Wei Qi (Defensive Qi) to help us build a defense against pathogens and also against negative thoughts.  It is excellent after riding a crowded subway car full of sad people with coughs and colds!

Essential oils are powerful plant allies.  Simply inhale a drop of oil and notice how your mood shifts. With Metal elemental oils, a deep breath is sure to follow.