2016 CSH Membership Open, Y'all! + Other Awesome News

hello everyone!, 

i write to you from the first day of february, and a winter that's been feeling a lot like late march the entire time. i must say, it's got me confused! i keep thinking I'm supposed to be outdoors raking and prepping beds for spring planting, yet i have hardly succumbed to the winter slumber i was so looking forward to. all is well despite my confusion! how have you been?! i hope your hearts, bodies and spirits feel warm, full and cozy. i send my love to you all! good fight saw a lot of growth in 2015 and i want to thank you for all the love and support you've given us. i am deeply honored to be your herbalist in whatever capacity i have been so far. let's keep going!


2016 is starting out with a bang. my new mantra : work smarter, not harder! 

i'm figuring out how to be a better business woman and seeking out resources to help grow good fight for the next 2-5 years. w-h-o-a! i have serious ambitions, y'all. but i'll let you in on those when they're a bit clearer. but for this new year, i'm lining up a fun team of interns and apprentices, developing new products, beginning new farmers' markets, starting new wholesale accounts, creating an intro to herbalism course (stay tuned!) and getting so excited to put new seeds and plants into the ground. i'm grateful to collaborate with other herbalists and farmers to bring you the best medicine i can, and develop new ways to engage you in learning herbalism, should you desire. here we go, y'all! (i'm currently downing my adrenal support tonic to keep my well filled and prevent burn out from all this growth!)


also, my herbal CSA is now open for new members! it's so much fun, and i hope you consider joining and sharing this information with others you think could benefit from this 4 season care package program. in short, you receive 1 box each season full of medicines that address the season's most needed physical and emotional supports. medicines range from teas, tinctures, syrups, salves, sprays and more! an informational booklet outlining the details of the medicines and their plant ingredients is provided to develop your knowledge of the herbs and their role in your seasonal self care. before i go on and on, the details are outlined here on my website and i've attached an application, too, for ease. there are a few work trade apprentice slots available for folks interested in trading work hours for the share. if you're interested in this option, let me know and i'll send you a special application for that. (do so quickly, those are filling up!)


keep posted on our work, the CSA, upcoming classes, new products in the online shop and where you can find us this year through the website and other musings on instagram (@goodfightherbco). and please let me know how you're doing! i want to know! 


with love, gratitude and tinctures at my hip,

lauren & good fight