2016 CSH Membership Open, Y'all! + Other Awesome News

2016 CSH Membership Open, Y'all! + Other Awesome News

hello everyone!, 

i write to you from the first day of february, and a winter that's been feeling a lot like late march the entire time. i must say, it's got me confused! i keep thinking I'm supposed to be outdoors raking and prepping beds for spring planting, yet i have hardly succumbed to the winter slumber i was so looking forward to. all is well despite my confusion! how have you been?! i hope your hearts, bodies and spirits feel warm, full and cozy. i send my love to you all! good fight saw a lot of growth in 2015 and i want to thank you for all the love and support you've given us. i am deeply honored to be your herbalist in whatever capacity i have been so far. let's keep going!


2016 is starting out with a bang. my new mantra : work smarter, not harder! 

i'm figuring out how to be a better business woman and seeking out resources to help grow good fight for the next 2-5 years. w-h-o-a! i have serious ambitions, y'all. but i'll let you in on those when they're a bit clearer. but for this new year, i'm lining up a fun team of interns and apprentices, developing new products, beginning new farmers' markets, starting new wholesale accounts, creating an intro to herbalism course (stay tuned!) and getting so excited to put new seeds and plants into the ground. i'm grateful to collaborate with other herbalists and farmers to bring you the best medicine i can, and develop new ways to engage you in learning herbalism, should you desire. here we go, y'all! (i'm currently downing my adrenal support tonic to keep my well filled and prevent burn out from all this growth!)


also, my herbal CSA is now open for new members! it's so much fun, and i hope you consider joining and sharing this information with others you think could benefit from this 4 season care package program. in short, you receive 1 box each season full of medicines that address the season's most needed physical and emotional supports. medicines range from teas, tinctures, syrups, salves, sprays and more! an informational booklet outlining the details of the medicines and their plant ingredients is provided to develop your knowledge of the herbs and their role in your seasonal self care. before i go on and on, the details are outlined here on my website and i've attached an application, too, for ease. there are a few work trade apprentice slots available for folks interested in trading work hours for the share. if you're interested in this option, let me know and i'll send you a special application for that. (do so quickly, those are filling up!)


keep posted on our work, the CSA, upcoming classes, new products in the online shop and where you can find us this year through the website and other musings on instagram (@goodfightherbco). and please let me know how you're doing! i want to know! 

with love, gratitude and tinctures at my hip,

lauren & good fight

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support the fire cider 3!

support the fire cider 3!

us and a bunch of other amazing herbalists and plant enthusiasts have wares for sale on this etsy shop to raise funds for our herbal comrades being sued by the company that trademarked our beloved fire cider. buy yourself and a pal a gift on the shop! all the proceeds go to support the Fire Cider 3's legal defense fund, and the ongoing work to uphold our traditional medicines and keep herbalism in the hands of the people! for more information visit the free fire cider site or Facebook page. 

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online shop will reopen 2016

hi everyone!

due to an overwhelming number of wholesale and online orders, as well as farm + holiday market sales, i've had to shut down our shop temporarily. thank you for your support and love of our herbs - it's truly an honor to provide you with homegrown medicine! we will be away for family holiday time through the new year, so please check back with us then.

in the meantime, we'll be at the BUST Holiday Craftacular this weekend in greenpoint, brooklyn. come visit us there! 

thank y'all for an amazing season! happy holidays and happy solstice!

this weekend : Hudson Valley Hullabaloo!

this weekend : Hudson Valley Hullabaloo!

Hi friends! 

This weekend I'm excited to join the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo gang for the first time! Located at the Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center in Kingston, NY, this all weekend long market promises to be plenty of fun and full of delicious eats, good music and talented makers. Join us Saturday 11/21 and Sunday 11/22 from 11a - 5p. See y'all there I hope! xoxo

more enticing details from their site:

Hudson Valley Hullabaloo brings together a carefully curated group of designers and craftspeople and the shoppers who appreciate their unique, well-crafted work—all in a fun atmosphere where arty meets party! 

Hullabaloo is the Kingston area’s first design-focused, hip-and-happening, family-friendly event whose mission is to introduce local artists, craftspeople, and designers to a community experiencing a renaissance as a center for the arts. Our aim is to offer shoppers the opportunity to purchase unique, high-quality, locally made, giftable items in a relaxed, party-like setting. Hullabaloo’s concept brings the traditional craft fair to the next level and supports the local economy and arts and cultural movement by attracting shoppers from all over the Hudson Valley and the Northeast!

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Essential Oils for Autumn Blues by Masha Schmidt, L.AC.

My dear friend, Masha Schmidt, is an incredible acupuncturist, healer, magical medicine maker and all around gift to my world. I love her writing and feel it's important to share her messages. 

To learn more about Masha and her work, visit http://www.alphabetacupuncture.com/blog/

The element of Metal corresponds to Autumn, and the associated emotion is grief or sorrow.   Fall is a natural time for reflection of things passing away, especially in quiet moments at dusk. 

Many cultures honor their ancestors at this time, with rituals like Halloween, Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day. Reflection, sadness, and longing are healthy and expected at this time of year.

Sometimes we linger too long at the gates of grief.  Wistful moments turn into longer periods of melancholy and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) becomes a struggle for so many. The natural loss of daylight mirrors our own unresolved emotions. Metal is cold and constricting.  It can feel like a wound too deep to heal.

By accepting the downward energy of the season, we can transform loss and become comfortable with the shadows.  Essential oils offer an accessible and powerful tool in learning to balance sadness. Acting almost instantly on the the emotions, oils can be part of your self care ritual at home or throughout the day.  

Cypress is an amazing oil with a fresh woodsy odor. Revered as a funeral herb, cypress is no stranger to the grief process. It helps us transform sorrow by letting go of what is no longer useful or fulfilling - the very essence of the season. 

Clary Sage, with her warm and bittersweet notes, is a milder and safer cousin of Sage. Clary lifts the spirt, smoothes the Qi, and promotes vitality when we are feeling depleted. The clarifying action of this oil reminds us of our deep strength and helps to see beyond the temporary.

Eucalyptus oil, a favorite for soothing colds and flus, helps to 'open the chest' when we feel constricted. Pungent and almost overpowering, eucalyptus uplifts the spirt and helps us take a deep breath when we feel defeated.

Pine's strong and fresh scent is excellent for purging negativity.  It is a popular addition to cleaning products for good reason! The scent is exhilarating and clears the mind.  Pine also provides us with a layer of protection against unwanted influences.

Another strong medicinal oil is Tea Tree - which acts to support the Wei Qi (Defensive Qi) to help us build a defense against pathogens and also against negative thoughts.  It is excellent after riding a crowded subway car full of sad people with coughs and colds!

Essential oils are powerful plant allies.  Simply inhale a drop of oil and notice how your mood shifts. With Metal elemental oils, a deep breath is sure to follow.


online shop open!

we're so excited to announce that our online shop is open! we've got some great self care staples and tools up for you to check out, and will be adding additional items seasonally.


please contact us with any questions or wholesale inquiries at goodfightherbco@gmail.com


free fire cider!

our herbal community still needs our help as Shire City Herbals is suing Mary Blue (Farmacy Herbs, RI), Nicole Telkes (Wildflower School, TX) and Kathi Langelier (Herbal Revolution, ME) for $100,000 for "loss of damages" regarding the trademarking of our traditional remedy, Fire Cider. 

visit www.freefirecider.com to donate to the legal fund, find sample letters to send to retail outlets boycotting Shire City's product and more! 

listen to the latest episode of Roots Runners Rhizomes: Health & Healing from the Underground where we interviewed The Crazy Herbalist on the Fire Cider issue, cultural appropriation and much more! towards the end of the show we offer an on-air skillshare on how to make your own Fire Cider, too!